Human Rights and Labour Conditions

Human rights and labour conditions

Human rights are the fundamental rights, freedoms and standards of treatment to which we all are entitled. Delivering financial results in an ethical and transparent way while promoting respect and protection of human rights is a responsibility that we take very seriously.


We respect human rights as reflected in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, and the UN Guiding Principles on business and Human Rights, and all our operation units are committed to abide by the following policy:


We operate within the laws and regulations that protect labour and define working conditions, and adopt and apply international standards where laws are less stringent

We will not employ child labour under the legal minimum age for admission to work stipulated by the laws of the countries where we conduct business and will operate in accordance with ILO conventions No. 138 on the minimum age for admission to employment and No. 182 on the banning of the worst forms of exploitation of child labour.

In accordance with ILO Conventions 29 on Forced Labour and 105 on the Abolition of Forced Labour, we will not make any use of forced labour, including prison labour, indentured labour, slave labour or other forms of compulsory labour.

We will provide a safe and healthy work environment and take all reasonable steps to prevent death or injury to anyone on our sites. Safety equipment and regular training to all our employees on health and safety issues will be provided as per our Health and Safety policy.

We respect the principles of freedom of association and collective bargaining as defined in ILO convention No. 87 on the freedom of trade unions and the protection of trade union law and No. 98 on the right of organization and collective bargaining.

We will not tolerate sexual or racial harassment or bullying, and aim to ensure that our employees have access to training, development and promotion opportunities, given their ability to perform their job in an effective manner.

We will not employ, or allow to be employed, on any of our employees, any form of corporal punishment, physical, sexual or verbal abuse.

Working hours in our businesses, including rest days and holidays are informed by the relevant ILO conventions regarding working hours and overtime payments and on the prevailing national laws.

Wages paid for standard working hours must meet local legally-mandated minimum wage levels, and must be sufficient to meet the basic needs of employees and their families.

We will ensure that where we provide accommodation to our employees on operating sites in territories where we operate and conduct business, we will ensure that this accommodation is of an acceptable standard of size and cleanliness; that it is appropriate to local customs and norms and that adequate facilities are provided.

We respect the rights of local people when creating new business developments and aim to undertake our activities in a manner that is considerate and in keeping with the surrounding community. We will ensure that our operations and work practices are respectful of and encourage tolerance towards differences between individuals or groups within the societies and environments in which we conduct business and to respect the culture of those societies and environments.