Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness

The many small actions and decisions that our people can make in their everyday work can cumulate to large improvements in the environmental impacts of our company. After all the protection of the natural environment is everyone’s responsibility and without the ingenuity and expertise of our employees and business partners, all our environmental management and sustainability initiatives would have been only a number of technical improvements omitting any large efficiency gains.


We aim to be an environmentally conscious and responsible company, and to do this:


We have developed an environmental awareness training program and adopted awareness tools to help our employees understand the environmental impacts and policies of our organization, and how they can contribute to the efforts for sustainability endorsed by our company.

We encourage all our employees and partners to actively participate in our environmental awareness efforts, including training programs and joint actions with local communities.

We evaluate every year the efficiency of our awareness training program to ensure that clear benefits are generated.


Please contact us if you wish to receive further information and news concerning our awareness training program, awareness tools and future actions. It would be a great pleasure to have you with us in our amazing eco-journey.