Management of Solid and Liquid Waste

Management of solid and liquid waste

As part of our environmental policy, we are applying a management system of solid and liquid waste that includes procedures for monitoring performance and measuring progress towards our environmental goals.


Three are the main pillars in our hierarchical approach to manage our solid wastes: Source Reduction, Recycling and Safe Disposal.


Source Reduction

Rather than managing waste after it is generated, we regularly reformulate our products and modify our industrial processes in order to decrease our waste generations. Our source reduction activities include equipment and technology modifications and upgrades; process and procedure modifications; reformulations of products; and improvements in housekeeping, maintenance, and inventory control.



Since 2009 we are voluntarily participating in a nation-wide recycling initiative. We carefully collect and separate our wastes before being delivered to waste management companies for further processing and transformation into usable materials. Furthermore we encourage through seminar and periodical campaigns the use of recycled material in our offices, marketing campaigns and industrial operations.



All wastes that cannot be avoided or recycled are disposed in an environmentally protective manner and always in full conformity with national legislation and local regulations.