Management of Raw and Auxiliary Materials

Management of raw and auxiliary materials

We keep detailed record of all materials, both primary and auxiliary, used in our facilities. All this information is collected and analyzed to identify proper actions and policies that can be adopted to improve our ecological footprint.


Consumption of energy, fuels and water

In our facilities more than 90% of our products require considerable energy, fuel and water supplies to maintain the necessary temperature and working safety levels. Our staff together with external auditors analyze the selected data periodically to develop sustainability indicators and assess our environmental efficiency.


Storage of raw and auxiliary materials, and fuels

Raw and auxiliary materials are stored under proper ventilation and lighting conditions. Stockpiling of Chemicals is always avoided and periodical cleanouts are conducted to minimize the accumulation of unwanted materials. Only necessary chemicals are stored in approved flammable areas under appropriate content-specific labeling and careful segregation to prevent inadvertent mixing of incompatible materials. Fuels, lubricants and hazardous materials are stored under strict HSSE standards in secondary containers, specifically designed to minimize the impact and spread of accidental spills.


All storage facilities are subject to periodical inspections from internal and external auditors, according to our Risk Study and the Annual Evaluation of Occupational Risk.