Emissions Control

Emissions control

In recent years there has been increasing interest in investigating the impact of bitumen emissions on human health. This interest has primarily been driven by the fact that bitumen is held at elevated temperatures during transportation, storage and processing, giving off hydrocarbon emissions. Despite the known presence of PACs (Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds) in bitumen fume, experience in asphalt industry, supported by a number of independent studies like IARC 2001 and Fraunhofer 2006, has shown that bitumen and bitumen emission do not present any health risk when good working practices are adopted.


To minimize the exposure of our staff to bitumen fumes and enhance the safety level in our working environment we are applying a set of working practices complying with Eurobitume and RDA guidelines:


We keep the temperature of bitumen during transportation, storing and processing as low as practically possible

We maintain well ventilated conditions in our working areas

Personal protective equipment is provided to all employees and all necessary safety precautions are taken

All enclosed spaces where hydrogen sulphide may be accumulated are always tested and approved, by experienced technical personnel, as being gas-free before any entering permission is provided.