Sealco Paste

SEALCO PASTE is a bitumen-based sealing mastic which is applied for the watertight sealing of joints and cracks on vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as for repairing existing bituminous coatings.


Sealco Paste is applied cold by using a spatula and it adheres perfectly to a wide range of substrates forming a watertight membrane which preserves its plastic properties through time.


Main Benefits and Features of Sealco Paste are:


Reliable protection from water and humidity with the formation of an extra durable, plastic, watertight sealing layer impermeable to water and humidity.

Sealing of all joints and cracks in constructions. Sealco Paste can be applied in both below- and above-grade applications to prevent either direct or indirect water infiltration.

Preserves its plastic properties through time to enable material to absorb movements in construction and materials.

Suitable for repairing existing waterproofing systems. Sealco Paste can be used to repair any damages appearing on the existing waterproofing system like repair of small punctures and holes, cracks or split, small and large blisters as well as repair of seams on flashing and metal coping.

Innovative recyclable packing, available in an aluminum packing of 600ml

Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including metallic, plastic or wooden surfaces, concrete surfaces etc.

Easy application by using a spatula, a trowel or a special sealing pistol.

Non harmful eco-friendly product. Sealco Paste is applied directly from its original packing without previous heating and does not contain any toxic or hazardous chemicals that could harm the labor, the environment or the application surface.

Stable product throughout storage for at least 18 months


Sealco Paste can be practically applied in every building’s exterior skin for water tightness. Junctures of dissimilar materials or joints installed to allow for structural or thermal movements require Sealco Paste to maintain envelop effectiveness.


Below-grade, Sealco Paste is used for sealing expansion joints, junctures, or terminations of waterproofing compounds and protrusions.


Above-grade applications of Sealco Paste include sealing joints between changes in building façade material, window and door perimeters, and expansion and control joints.


Sealco Paste is also used to detail numerous joints, including flashing and coping that act as termination or transition.