Sealco Brush

Sealco Brush is a highly modified bituminous waterproofing system of one component which is applied as a liquid and cure to form a seamless sheet.


The elastomeric components of the product contribute to the formation of a bituminous membrane of high elasticity and long lasting resistance to mechanical and thermal strains.


Main Benefits and Features of Sealco Brush waterproofing system are:


Quick, easy and precise application, thus contributing to the avoidance of construction failures and to increase in productivity. Typically a crew of two people can apply one layer of Sealco brush in more than 500 m2 (when applied by brush or roller and more than 1500 m2 when applied by airless sprayer) within 8 hours.

Reliable protection from water and humidity, with the formation of an extra durable waterproofing membrane impermeable to water and humidity.

Seamless application at substrate protrusions, changes in planes, and floor wall junctions.

Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Sealco Brush is applicable over a wide range of surfaces including masonry, metal, plastic, asbestos, cement, wood and concrete.

High elasticity and long term resistance of the final bituminous membrane. The elastomeric properties of Sealco Brush with tested elongation over 900% enables the material to absorb movements in the construction that is caused by thermal expansion or contraction and other inducements.

Easy application by using a brush or a paint roller onto horizontal and vertical surfaces. Sealco Brush is most effective solution for less accessible surfaces where the application of a sheet system would be extremely difficult and costly.

Product of rapid coagulation with skin formation within 20-60 minutes.

Non harmful Eco-friendly product. Sealco Brush is applied without previous heating, in ambient conditions and does not contain any toxic or hazardous components that could harm the labor, the environment or the application surface. However typical safety protection during application and disposal of the material is advisable.

Stable product throughout storage for at least 18 months. Sealco Brush advanced PMB formula ensures a fully homogeneous mixture that can be stored for at least 18 months.


Sealco Brush is a positive-side waterproofing system, allowing both above- and below-grade applications including planters, Split-slab construction, transportation structures (tunnels, subways, suspended parking, bridges, viaducts etc), industrial and residential waterproofing (foundation, roofing, terrace, block walls, basements, swimming pools, hydro applications, roof garden etc.)