Technical Support and Formulation Services

Technical support and formulation services

Leveraging decades of professional and academic experience, Atlantis specialists can provide support and direction to design robust asphalt formulations for constructing and maintaining the top layer of the road structure.


Our formulation and technical support services are performed in our R&D facility in Greece, which is exclusively dedicated to the development of bitumen based products and asphalt mixtures.


We offer:


A complete range of services in the design phase, to help designers and investors to select and specify with confidence the most cost effective solution for their project

Testing of bitumen pengrades and formulation of PMBs according to EN standards

Testing and formulation of asphalt mixtures (by producing and analyzing asphalt cores with different bitumen types and formulas)

Trouble shooting services by analyzing problematic occurrences (i.e. rutting in existing road surface), providing detailed reports and suggestions of practical and cost effective solutions.


A detailed list of analysis undertaken in our facilities can be found in the “List of tests and standards” section of this website.