Road repairs are among the most frequent activities of a contractor. Such repair activities can be different in nature and range from simple filling of potholes and cracks to replacing an asphalt top layer on a damaged road section.
Relatively minor damage to roads such as cracks and potholes can be repaired quickly using the Atlantis Cold Fix. Cold Fix is a ready-to-use cold asphalt mixture that is contained in sealed bags of 25 kg and 30kg plastic pails. The product is applied into a pothole or poured on top of a heavily raveled section and is compacted with a rubber wheel roller or a vibrating compactor.
In case of the repairs of potholes, wide cracks and severe raveling, Cold Fix presents a cost- and time-effective alternative to a hot mix solution. Road performance is improved with the application of Cold Fix, allowing complete repaving to be postponed to a later stage.

Key features of Cold Fix:

• Immediate application, without heating, in ambient conditions
• Quick, cost effective and safe way to repair potholes, wide cracks and other localized damages on a road
• Simple and easy compaction
• Traffic can be allowed on the repaired section immediately after compaction
• Excellent adhesion to the old road surface
• Product of immediate coagulation, 20-60 min depending on ambient conditions
• Environmental friendly, non toxic product
• Stable product throughout storage for at least 12 months