Bitumen Emulsions

The most common and best-known application of bitumen emulsion in Europe is as a tack-coat or bonding layer between separate asphalt layers. Our bitumen emulsions are mainly used in this application as well as for quick repairs such as to fill cracks in asphalt.


We produce a complete range of cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions for the road and construction industry. Depending on the application, the emulsions are formulated such that they break either very rapidly or slowly.


The advantages of the bitumen emulsions are many:


Simple and safe to use at ambient temperatures

Energy saving

No fume emission during application

Quick road repairs and overlays on existing roads.


The most common types of bitumen emulsions currently produced for the paving sector is the C40B5 (tack-coat) and C55B4 (bonding layer between asphalt layers).


Tailor-made solutions can be formulated for more complex road applications such as overlays, surface dressings and slurry seals.