Atlantipol SP

Atlantipol SP is a premium grade polymer modified bitumen that can be adjusted to meet the most severe requirements of the European paving projects. Atlantipol SP can be used in various asphalt mixtures to improve a number of specific characteristics of the asphalt mixtures in which it is applied.


Performance properties of the asphalt that are improved are:


Increased resistance to permanent deformation (pavement rutting) due to the increased viscosity and elasticity

Resistance to cracking and raveling because of the increase in bitumen flexibility, which allows the asphalt to absorb mechanical and thermal stresses

Better adhesion between bitumen and aggregate resulting from an increased affinity of the modified bitumen towards the aggregate

Improved performance at lower temperatures because of the increased flexibility over a wide range of temperatures


The above characteristics of Atlantipol SP results in better performance of the road and consequently reduced maintenance frequency and overall increase of pavement life.


Application of this premium product can be considered in areas where extremely high loads are experienced such as racing tracks, container terminals, airport runways, bus lanes and in heavily trafficked roads in goods depots.


The premium polymer modified bitumen Atlantipol SP is a storage-stable product, which does not require special treatment in storage. Asphalt mixing and asphalt application temperatures are higher than those of standard bitumen grades.


The use of Atlantipol SP is therefore ideal for special road constructions like bridge-decks, airports, formula 1 racing tracks and heavily trafficked roads.


Atlantipol SP is available in several variation covering the most common specifications of 45-80/65, 25-55/55, 25-55/75 and 60-90/50 as per EN 14023.