Atlantipol Fueltech

Atlantipol Fueltech is a polymer modified product that provides the asphalt in which it is applied with increased resistance to fuel and solvent spills.


Atlantipol Fueltech can be applied successfully in all locations where fuel or solvent spills can occur; examples are airport taxiways and parking areas near fuel service stations, depots where fuels and/or solvents are stored, harbor areas where spills can occur and industrial installations.


Atlantipol Fueltech can also improve the mechanical properties and durability of the asphalts in which it is used.



Graph: Comparison of weight loss of dense asphalt cores made with pengrade 50/70 and Atlantipol Fueltech after 24 hours submersion in various fuels.


To demonstrate the improved solvent resistance Atlantipol Fueltech was used in a standard dense asphalt concrete formulation. Cores of that asphalt were tested in kerosene, gasoline and diesel for a period of 24 hours. The weight loss after 24 hours is a measure of the solvent resistance of the asphalt mixtures. The graph shows the weight loss after 24 hours for asphalt cores produced with conventional 50/70 bitumen and cores produced with Atlantipol Fueltech.


It is clear that the use of Atlantipol Fueltech improves the solvent resistance of the asphalt to all types of petroleum fuel by at least a factor of 9. This implies that the durability of an asphalt mix with Atlantipol Fueltech, in a situation where fuel or solvent spills occur frequently, is increased substantially.


The increased resistance to kerosene spills is indicative of the general characteristic of this product to withstand attacks from fuels (diesel, gasoline) and other solvents.