Atlantipol E

Atlantipol E is a polymer modified bitumen in which a thermoplastomer is used. The thermoplastomer in Atlantipol E increases the viscocity of the bitumen, which leads to an improvement of the following performance properties of the asphalt:


Increased resistance to permanent deformation (rutting).

Improvement in performance at high temperature.

Longer pavement life compared to asphalt mixtures produced with standard bitumen.

Increased resistance to the effects of fuel spills (oil, kerosene, etc)

Improved adhesion between aggregate and bitumen, making the pavement more resistant to frictional forces exerted by vehicle tires.


Atlantipol E is used in applications where permanent deformation of the road is a major problem. The product is applied to increase the life of the pavement, to support traffic safety and to reduce maintenance frequency and costs.


Atlantipol E can also be applied in the asphalt for the binder course beneath a top layer. In that situation the binder course with Atlantipol E provides additional bearing capacity for the road structure as a whole.


The considerable increase in the viscosity of Atlantipol E makes it also suitable as a bitumen in asphalt used for bus lanes.