Our R&D Activities

Our R&D activities

In a business environment that is changing fast, the development of new products and modification of existing ones is a crucial factor in the long run growth of our company. Over the past few years we have developed a modern research facility in Greece where research on new technologies and products is carried out by experienced scientific personnel.


In our R&D facility we can:


Simulate the commercial production of bitumen grades, PMBs and Specialties. Subsequently all relevant product properties and performance characteristics can be thoroughly evaluated and be adjusted before scaling up.

Assess the performance characteristics of asphalt mixtures in relation to the bitumen in use. A wide range of automatic bitumen and asphalt testing equipment has been installed to cover a big % of European EN standards.

During the last decade, with the participation of our R&D team in European Research Programs, we aim to encourage the collaboration between our people and the research community. This will ultimately lead to innovative products and new technology solutions, bringing added value and measurable advantages to our client’s hands.