Waterproofing products for Buildings, Tunnels and Constructions

Waterproofing products for buildings, tunnels and construction

Water is the most destructive weathering element of concrete, masonry, and natural stone structures. Adequately controlling water infiltration can prevent damage and avoid unnecessary repairs to buildings and structures. Today, water damages or completely destroys more building and structures than war or natural disasters, while water and moisture infiltration is responsible for mold formation and the related health issues of building occupants.


To counter the detrimental effects of water on various structures we have created an integrated portfolio of advanced waterproofing systems, designed to preserve structure’s integrity and usefulness.


Actual experience has shown that the majority of water intrusion problems occur due to mistakes in application process, and within a relatively minute portion of a structure’s total exposed surface. Driven from this experience we have developed sophisticated waterproofing products that can be applied fast and seamlessly in large scale projects and complex surfaces, without requiring special preparation or substrate treatment. Our waterproofing range is dedicated to projects where efficiency and economy should be fully integrated with impermeable water protection.


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