Products for Paving of Highways, Airports and Bridges

Products for paving of highways, airports and bridges

Growing world economies have stimulated an exponential worldwide growth of international transport of all goods. This growth has led to an ever increasing flow of large, heavy trucks causing much damage to roads, in the form of permanent deformation, cracking and reveling. Frequent maintenance, traffic jams, and negative economic impact are the final outcome.


To overcome or reduce the effect of these problems, major emphasis is placed on improving the performance of bitumen mixtures. To meet this need we have developed a full range of PMBs based on two main polymer groups:


Thermoplastic Rubbers

SBR and SBS belong to this class of elastomeric polymers which help to increase the stability and flexibility of bitumen and thus increase the overall performance of asphalt mixtures in which they are used.


Thermoplastic Polymers

PE, PP and EVA belong to this family of polymers which help to increase the viscosity of the bitumen and in this way to increase the resistance of asphalt mixtures to rutting.


Our PMB range is carefully developed to meet even the most demanding asphalt requirements of today. It covers more than 90% of current EU specifications while tailor-made solutions can be formulated to meet more stringent requirements.


For more information on our PMB range, please visit the “Special Bitumen Products (PmB) for Roads, Airports and Bridges” section of our website.