Our Strategy

Our strategy

In Atlantis, we believe that it is fundamental to operate responsibly and that successful relationships with governments and neighboring communities contribute to good and sustainable returns for our shareholders. Our Strategy aims to increase growth, reduce operational and financial risks and improve our long-term performance in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.


Our business model has three strategic levers:


Strong position in Emerging markets

We continue to expand our position in the emerging markets of Southeastern Europe and Russia through the combined effort of our affiliated companies and business partners. In 2011, 70% of our net revenue was from emerging markets and it is estimated to reach 85% in 2018.


Diversified product portfolio           

We are able to adapt to local demands and client needs in each market. We are always flexible to adapt our portfolio to local market needs delivering innovative products and services helping our clients in their projects to start and finish on time, stay within budget, and yield quality results.


Advanced infrastructures as a solid backbone of our growth process

While the right quality of a product is an important element for the success of a project, so are the robust supply and timely delivery. We invest in modern production and storage facilities that can help us to achieve an outstanding production and service level for our customers.