Corporate Governance Framework

Corporate governance framework

Our Corporate Governance framework is aligned with the proposals of the “Committee on Corporate Governance in Greece” and aims to guarantee a reasonable balance among the rights and responsibilities both within the Board of Directors and among all agents in the corporation’s governance. Our corporate governance framework moreover ensures the conditions for best corporate performance and long term sustainability. All functions of the Board of Directors and the General Shareholder Meetings aim at the enhancement of the entire performance of our company within an adequately supervised and informed environment.


Our corporate governance framework:


Protects shareholder rights.

Ensures the equitable treatment of all shareholders, including minority and foreign shareholders. All shareholders should have the opportunity to obtain an effective redress for violation of their rights.

Recognizes the rights of stakeholders in the company, as established by law, and encourage active participation between corporation and stakeholders in creating wealth, jobs and the sustainability of a financially sound enterprise.

Ensures the full, timely and detailed disclosure of information on all material matters, including the financial situation, performance, ownership structure and governance.

Ensures the strategic leadership of the company, the efficient monitoring of management by the Board of Directors and the accountability of the Board to the company and shareholders.

Recognizes and protects the interests of workers, managers, suppliers, customers, and the community.