Corporate Structure

Our corporate structure

Our corporate structure is the layout of the various departments, divisions, and job positions that interact to ensure that every important issue is conducted in a hierarchical and responsible way, according to our corporate commitments, policies and standards. Our company is organized into departments which are divided into subdivisions, creating all together a detailed road map of where a given issue should be addressed.


Our financial department is responsible to handle all financial matters such as compiling and monitoring the implementation of our annual budget, study and propose new funding schemes and more.

Our sales and marketing departments are responsible for researching and analyzing the business environment to find new threats and opportunities. Using the information gathered, action plans and strategies are developed to attract new and retain existing customers.

Our production department is responsible for turning raw materials into finished products of great value for us and our clients. Production planning, storing and technical support are among its main responsibilities.

Our research and development department is responsible for researching and developing new products, and modifying the existing ones in order to comply with regulatory requirements and high quality levels.

Finally our internal control department operates as a completely independent department within our company and plays an important role in preventing and detecting fraud and non-compliance with corporate policies, rules and regulations.